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Michigan Rummy and Three in One Rummy Rules

Two popular games within the Rummy family of card games are Three in One and Michigan Rummy. Both of these rummy card games need a game board, betting chips and a deck of playing cards. Michigan Rummy Rules is dedicated to those interested in exploring Michigan Rummy or Three in One Rummy.

Michigan Rummy and Three in One gameboards

If you are interested in learning how to play Michigan Rummy, go here. For Three in One, click here. At the end of each of the instruction page, you will find useful links to the manufacturer where you can order the game and other useful external links with information about these popular card games.

Online Michigan Rummy and Three in One Rummy

Sorry... there are not many places to play these games on-line so if you know of others, please let us know and we will publish them. Online Michigan Rummy.

Michigan Rummy and Three in One Rummy software

Download software that allows you to play online with other players. Some of this software allows you to play other Rummy type games. Most of the software is for the Windows OS. Get your Rummy software here.

Game matPrintable Game Mat

Ready to play Michigan Rummy or Three in One but don't have a game mat? Don't worry because Michigan Rummy Rules has provided a FREE PDF download for each game. You supply the cards and betting chips, we supply the game pad.

Print as many as you want and have a great game.

Want to play FREE online rummy, download FREE rummy software, play FREE rummy against a bot?... visit FreeRummyGames.com

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Michigan Rummy - A Great Ride

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