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Ready to play Michigan Rummy or Three in One but don't have a game mat? Don't worry because Michigan Rummy Rules has provided a FREE PDF download for each game. You supply the cards and betting chips, we supply the game pad.

PDF icon Download Michigan Rummy Game Mat
File name: Game_pad_Michigan_Rummy.pdf
File size: 48KB

PDF iconDownload Three in One Game Mat
File name: Game_pad_3_in_1.pdf
File size: 36KB

With the downloaded PDF file you can print out the game mat. Each PDF file contain 4 pages that are to be joined together. Each page prints out on a standard US letter size of 8 1/2" x 11".

Michigan Rummy and Three in One game pads

Table mat


Make your own game-mat for
Michigan Rummy
or Three in One

Assembly is easy, just print the four pages of the PDF file preferably on a color ink-jet or laser printer. Then cut off the excess paper where the word Trim appears.

Unite the sheets of paper at the registration mark Registration mark. The sheets can be secured with a glue stick or transparent tape.

Print as many as you want.

Have a great game!

Where to buy the Michigan Rummy game
Where to buy the board cloth and Three in One game

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